What is is a meta-search tool unlike any other. Using easily memorized keywords, you can search today's most popular websites, shorten URLs, track packages and much more!

How it works

Keywords are simple to use. All you have to do is to add your keyword in front of your search query. For example, if you want to see the article about the Canary Islands on Wikipedia, the query would be wiki:canary islands.

Try it yourself!

What else can it do?

Shorten URLs

With the shorten keyword, you can generate small URLs to use on Twitter and in your email. A long URL that links to an article in an online store can be shrunk to a short and convenient link similar to Additionally, other popular URL shortening services such as TinyURL and and are also supported.

Convert currency

Use the following syntax to convert different currencies: [cur1]2[cur2]:[amount]. For example, you can 20 US dollars to Euros using the following query: usd2eur:20.

Define words, find synonyms

The search box is the most efficient way to quickly define words. Use the dict and thes keywords to get comprehensive definitions from The webster keyword will return the definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Slang and uncommon expressions can be defined with Urban Dictionary using the udict keyword.

Share websites

Submitting content to Facebook, Twitter and Digg is simple with The +facebook,+twitter and +digg keywords associated to the URL you wish to share will take you to the appropriate submission pages.

Write email

The gmail keyword has multiple functions. You can use it to search your Gmail messages, but also to compose new mail. The gmail:new keyword will create a new email. Typing gmail:inbox will take you to your inbox.

Track packages

Use the dhl, fedex and ups keywords to rapidly track your packages. More services will be added in the future.

Take web page screenshots

No need to install any software to take images of complete webpage. The screenshot keyword uses Kwout's web capture service to save a picture of your site.

Search in your language

Some websites such as Wikipedia and Google support searching in your language. Add your two-letter language code after the keyword to search in other languages. If you want to show the french Wikipedia article about expresso, you would have to enter wikifr:expresso.